Radiation in medicine: A double-edged sword

Radiation in medicine: A double-edged sword

A field study was conducted to test the hypothesis that discounted and augmented ability self-attributions mediate the interactive effects of claimed self-handicaps and academic success and failure on self-esteem. College students were assessed for individual differences in self-handicapping and self-esteem at the beginning of the term and then completed a checklist of claimed self-handicaps immediately preceding their first in-class exam. At the following class, graded exams were returned to the students, who then completed measures of mood, self-esteem, and performance attributions. High self-handicappers claimed more excuses prior to the test. Among failing students, claimed handicaps were associated with greater discounting of ability attributions and higher self-esteem. Among successful students, claimed handicaps were associated with augmented ability attributions and enhanced self-esteem. However, we failed to find support for sex differences in claimed self-handicapping. The implications of the present research with regard to the functional utility of self-handicapping behavior are discussed.

The mating sociometer and attractive others: a double-edged sword in romantic relationships

Phillip Sean Kavanagh, Garth J. Fletcher, Bruce J. Eighty-one participants were recruited to test the sensitivity of the mating sociometer to mate-value feedback in the context of ongoing intimate relationships. The effects of this manipulation on self-esteem, relationship satisfaction and commitment, perceptions of dating alternatives, and friendship-dedication were assessed. This research supports a domain-specific conceptualization of sociometer theory, extending the theory in important directions.

Effort: The double-edged sword in school achievement. Publication Date. Apr Language. English. Author Identifier. Covington, Martin V.; Omelich, Carol L.

X-rays, CT scans, and other procedures should be used judiciously. Diagnosing heart disease without opening the chest and looking at the heart is like trying to tell what’s wrong with a car’s engine without opening the hood. Treating heart disease without “opening the hood” is even more problematic. Yet doctors have figured out a variety of ways to examine the heart from the outside.

They can open clogged arteries without opening the chest and will someday fix faulty valves that way. Radiation is the key to these advances. But wherever radiation has been put to use, it has turned out to be a razor-sharp double-edged sword. Medicine is no exception. Radiation offers extraordinary benefits for the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases and ailments, from broken bones to heart disease.

It is a mainstay for treating some types of cancer. Yet exposure to radiation can also damage DNA, the operating manual of a cell. This damage can lead to uncontrolled cell division, the hallmark of cancer.

Embarrassment, a Double-Edged Sword

The subplots echoed and paralleled one another, and themes and key lines reappeared at crucial moments. He was, in other words, a giant aggregation of character flaws or deal-breakers, to borrow a Liz Lemonism. They decide to flee the menace up north and high-tail it down over the border by any means necessary. In the C-story, Tracy Jordan discovers that fame, like dating someone too much like yourself is wait for it… a double-edged sword when his recent Oscar win catapults him to the level where people actually pay attention to what he says and hold him accountable for his actions.

When you leave your 20s and enter into your 30s, and you get closer and closer to 40, IF you still find yourself unmarried, you may become grateful, rather than.

Liz – Season 5 Episode: 20 Scene: Downhill Tracy just come back, do the show tonight, and we’ll figure all this out. Trip Planning. Liz Rides Carol’s Airplane. Tracy’s Nightmare Begins. Passengers Grow Restless. Opinions on Greatness. Mobile Meth Lab of Freedom. Plane Ugliness. Jack Glimpses a Possible Future. Tracy Chooses a Path.

They Both Lose. Canadian-American Baby. The Hornberger Way. Hey, do you have a neck pillow?


Knowing what to optimize in a software system is one part logic, one part analysis, and one part black magic. Photo source: Sci-Fi Mafia. If you optimize your software for the wrong things, or in the wrong way, optimization can run up costs, slow down production, and actually make the software sub-optimal for its purpose. In software development or, really, anything else costs are associated with every benefit.

With a pandemic upon us and self-isolation very much in place, everyone has very quickly been adapting to a new way of life. I know that reading.

This time around, it was Liz. Carol Matt Damon has been out of the picture for the past few episodes. Of course, Liz has never had success with men who seem to be perfect — poor Jon Hamm — and Carol the Pilot was too good to be true. Carol refuses to start the flight until Liz apologizes. Both are too stubborn to give in, culminating in a standoff. And on the plus side, now we get to see Liz on the rebound, making her way through another set of misfit romances.

Or, dare I hope for it, the return of Wesley Snipes? Just after arriving in Canada, Avery goes into labor. Thanks to a talk from Harold, though, Jack gives up thoughts of success and takes Avery to a Canadian hospital for the birth. For all I know, though, a few episodes from now, the writers will pull a Carol and get rid of her. The plot is short on laughs compared to the other two, but it parallels them nicely.

Tracy finds that with fame, he actually has to do things.

Why PUA tactics or Game is a Double-Edged Sword

With a pandemic upon us and self-isolation very much in place, everyone has very quickly been adapting to a new way of life. I know that reading about the stories of others going through similar experiences to my own brings me a sense of comfort and unity. I figured that if anything is important in times like these, those two things are probably towards the top of the list.

In the C-story, Tracy Jordan discovers that fame, like dating someone too much like yourself is (wait for it) a double-edged sword when his.

Vigilante groups have been successful in providing local security. But subcontracting security functions to vigilante groups for counter-insurgency purposes is a dangerous option for fragile African states. African leaders should set clear objectives and mandates when enlisting vigilantes and invest in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programs.

As weak African states face growing insurgencies, they do what weak states tend to do: subcontract certain security functions to non-state actors or vigilante groups, many of which had taken up arms to protect their communities. This approach at times is viewed as a necessity, but is often dangerous, particularly in politically fluid and fractious states. The more fragile the state, the more it is dependent on vigilantes, but also the less able it is to police them or prevent abuse of power.

The more successful the vigilante group against insurgents, the harder it is to demobilise, and the more likely it will become entrenched. As a result of ethnic rivalries and allegiances, community defence groups can morph into predatory, quasi-criminal organisations or enemies of the central state. Yet even when risks outweigh benefits, African leaders may not have the luxury of choice. By their very nature, vigilante groups carry inherent risk.

Dating Yourself Is A Double Edged Sword

PUA tactics and game are aimed at making you more attractive to women. Long-term evolution is to evolve your body, mind and spirit so that you are established and anchored in the strength of your personality and do not seek validation from women or even from the vast majority of men. It is to regard your body as a temple eat healthy, exercise, stay away from dissipating habits , cultivate your intellect and skill-set, develop passions and hobbies in keeping with your personality.

Become actually affluent and socially respected.

Jealousy: A double-edged sword But now that we are dating, he is getting jealous of my other guy friends because I have a lot of them.

I blew mine up, and now it smells like my mouth. I never sleep on planes. I don’t want to get incepted. Are you going somewhere? Carol has a flight to Raleigh-Durham so I’m going with him. And we’re gonna drive out and spend a few days at an inn in Nags Head. You’re going to Nags Head? Isn’t that redundant? Avery and I are also having a little romantic weekend together before the baby comes. We’re going to Toronto for the G8 Economic Summit.

Love, My Double-edged Sword

Even when I was a member of a couple, I hated other couples. However, I cannot keep from wanting to be the other half of some beautifully romantic duo — hopefully one that does not need to prove said love with suicide. My contempt, I feel, acts as a veil for my own emerald jealousy or something literary like that; I think it is actually envy that is supposed to be green, though. Jealousy, though not over something quite so petty as couple happiness, ultimately acts as a kind of dark passenger in even the most seemingly happy relationships.

Endothelin System: The Double-Edged Sword in Health and Disease. Annual Review of Vol. (Volume publication date April ) Novel Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology of Organophosphorus Insecticide Self-​Poisoning.

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The inward gaze

Transposable elements TEs are genomic parasites that selfishly replicate at the expense of host fitness. Fifty years of evolutionary studies of TEs have concentrated on the deleterious genetic effects of TEs, such as their effects on disrupting genes and regulatory sequences. Host genomes typically silence TEs by the deposition of repressive epigenetic marks. While this silencing reduces the selfish replication of TEs and should benefit hosts, a picture is emerging that the epigenetic silencing of TEs triggers inadvertent spreading of repressive marks to otherwise expressed neighboring genes, ultimately jeopardizing host fitness.

PLoS Genet 16 7 : e

When Diagnosis is a Double-Edged Sword teachers and other adults treated him and that their behavior could affect Ravi’s self-perception. are challenging endeavors requiring up-to-date medical knowledge, compassion and respect for​.

Updated: May 11, Social media as we know has been around for several years now and is ever growing and evolving. We live in a time where access to people, places, things and information is instant and constantly moving. From social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat and Instagram, to the countless dating sites and apps like Match. Up until recently, the extent of my social media experience was Facebook, which my teenage clients tell me is for old people, LOL!

I used it primarily to connect with friends and family, to share photos, humorous posts and spread awareness on eating disorders and mental health. I was connected to my small group of friends and family and that was it. Although many of these experiences are specific to my teens and twenties population, clients of all ages have found themselves in similar scenarios.

I understood many of the emotions, as I at times also felt similar things, but I had figured out a way to manage those thoughts and feeling by re-framing them as I would do in my sessions. Then recently, this whirlwind happened.

The Double-Edged Sword of Privilege

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